Wireless Ordering System for Android devices

The new native android app of BlueByte Software for wireless order management, integrates all available mobile technologies to provide users with easy, fast and efficient order and payment management for all kinds of F&B businesses (cafes, bars, restaurants, F&B hotel departments etc.). The installation of the application can be done on any android device (mobile or tablet), which significantly reduces the cost of hardware and cooperates seamlessly with F&B Works and all its subsystems.
Advanced capabilities – Unique Features
  • Orders can be made even when the device is out of network coverage (offline). The order is temporarily stored on the device (on hold) and it is sent automatically as soon as the device reaches the network again, without requiring any further action by the user
  • Fast and easy order procedure (user friendly interface), which maintains all the features the waiter needs in order to offer a complete customer service experience (quantity, add-ons, notes, discount, price change, delete items etc.)
  • Multiple payment methods (cash, cards, coupons) and partial payment options
  • The app also functions in landscape orientation. This feature gives the user the ability to use both hands, resulting in even faster customer service
  • Adjustable to all screen sizes (responsive design). Whichever device you choose, whether a mobile or a large tablet, the application will be as functional
  • Table status and order update , even for tables managed by a different waiter or device
  • Adjust settings and customization per device
  • The app can be connected to F&B Works main installation both via a local wireless network and via IP (i.e. over Internet)