Eighteen new Interamerican agencies trust BlueByte Software

BlueByte Software, leader in the market of insurance software, congratulates Interamerican’s partners for their choice to try as independent insurance agents.

Already eighteen of the new agencies have chosen the leading insurance software Insurance Works.

Combined with high quality services offered by BlueByte Software, acquire a modern way of work, to meet their new and growing needs.

The insurance agencies that have trusted BlueByte Software are:

  • Anagnopoulos Zafiris
  • Arnidis Yiannis
  • Zervos Manos
  • Zerbini Irini
  • Kazanas Yiannis – Megagency
  • Karassavidis Theodosis
  • Markoulidakis Kostas
  • Baboura Christa
  • Ninos Ioannis
  • Papadopoulos Yiannis
  • Papazoudis Theodoros
  • Saranteas Nikos
  • Skouras Evagelos
  • Stavropoulos Stavros
  • Stafanidis Dimitris
  • Tsiftsis Leonidas
  • Hardala Marianthi
  • Hatziyiannis Panayiotis
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BlueByte Software’s participation in Ministry of Economy’s conference

BlueByte Software participated in a conference organized by the Ministry of Economy on Monday, September 13, 2010.

BlueByte Software represented by CEO Mr Triantafyllou Constantinos who spoke about the power of the internet in the tourist market and the image presented to it by the Greek hotels.

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New Point Of Sales installation in Etrusco restaurant at Corfu

The Etrusco restaurant in Corfu, by award-winning chef Ettore Botrini, chose BlueByte Software’s Point Of Sales and Food & Beverages Works.

Etrusco restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Greece and won two gold chef hats in 2010.

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New car insurance premiums comparison service on the Internet

BlueByte Software has designed, has implemented, and offers as a reward to customers who trust its, car insurance premiums camparison on the Internet.

The service operates through the Insurance Works application such as e-support and is offered free to customers with active support contract.

Service demonstration with virtual insurance companies and insurance premiums in https://www.bluebyte.gr:40199/.

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BlueByte Software cooperation agreement with Vodafone

Vodafone offers an exclusive agreement to all BlueByte Software’s insurance clients, the Vodafone Mobile Broadband. It is the ideal service for those who want fast access to internet, wirelessly from wherever they are. Includes:

  • Free laptop (Netbook Acer Aspire 1410)
  • Vodafone Mobile Broadband Unlimited (Unlimited use in data and time)
  • Free Mobile Connect Broadband Device K4505/3G.

Vodafone’s official price 49,83€. Price for BlueByte’s customers 39,83€ per month for 24 months contract. Prices include 21% VAT and are valid for customers with active support contract.

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BlueByte Software signed cooperation agreement with HotelREZ

HotelREZ and Bluebyte have teamed up to offer hotels in Greece its GDSLite representation brand, a LOW COST solution enabling you to INCREASE reservations to your hotel using a single EASY-TO-USE interface. HotelREZ are probably the best Hotel Sales, Marketing and representation company in the market today, and represent over 1100 independent and chain hotels in 27 countries. HotelREZ have formed a strategic alliance with Bluebyte to provide the best possible solution to Greek Hoteliers

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Distribution agreement for BlueByte Software’s products from DIONIC group

BlueByte Software signed trade agreement with Dionic group. The agreement covers exclusive distribution network, of software products for Insurance Companies, Hotels, Catering, companies dealing in Clothing and Shoes, Real Estate and finally for Accounting.

Working with BlueByte Software, defined by the new strategy Dionic that aims to select the best products for each profession, which combined with the quality Hardware and the highly trained associates will be the future the computerization of Greek (and not only) Companies.

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50 new installations of Food & Beverage Works (POS and Delivery) in the first quarter of 2010

The 50th installation of the new Food & Beverage Works (POS and Delivery), for the first quarter of 2010 was in Naxos with the help of BlueByte Software’s partner, Enter Computers. The new generation of BlueByte Softwares offers great convenience in use even for the most inexperienced operator. Integrates all necessary modules (Wireless Order, Storage, Recipes, Display Kitchen, Delivery, link to General Ledger) and the installation and configuration, with the help of built-in drivers, it becomes very easy and in no time.

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