New support services by BlueByte Software

BlueByte is pleased to announce two new OnLine support services through the Internet, to minimize the cost of operating your business.

Live Update
Automatic upgrade to the latest version of the applications. Reduce the labor costs required, as there is no need for manual installation.

Support from within applications. Automatically connect to the Web Server BlueByte, where you can submit your query. The company’s technicians will work on the question and answer, suggesting the best solution. No more waiting on hold and communication costs.

These services operate on the assumption that there is an active support contract.

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Multi Hotel and 8 Point of Sales Installation at Lefkada

One of the most complex installations of this year was the resort of SunSail in Greece. SunSail use with success BlueByte’s Software Multi Hotel and Point of Sales technology of since 3 months. Their technical infrastructure includes contemporary monitoring of 3 Hotels units, 8 Point Of Sales and Mini Market.

Important addition to flawless functioning of the business it is the use of personal debit cards, which are printed by the reception and given to each resident. With that operation the hotel ensures the reliability of transactions, reduced errors

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BlueByte Software supports tourism education

BlueByte Software supports the professional development of young hospitality professionals.

The company offers, at no charge, the most reliable and advanced hospitality software application, Hotel Works, to the 1st EPAL of Didimoticho, professional school, in order to assist to the training of the future tourism executives.

This projects has, already, come to an outcome, since a full training cycle has been completed and the effort has received many positive comments from people who were close to every development phase.

“We, warmly, thank you for the assistance and the professionalism your company and your people exhibited during the installation and the training of our teaching staff. We regard your participation at our educational mission of major importance”
Mpakopoulos Helias
1st EPAL Director

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New BlueByte Software educational center in Kos, Greece

BlueByte Software announces the first educational center based in Kos, Greece in association with World Net Solutionsand Mr. Karamatzianis Dimitrios.

Empoyees and executives working in the hospitality industry have a great chance to receive excemptional training for the most advanced and reliable hospitality software, Hotel Works, in the Greek Market.

Also, attendees have the opportunity to be introduced to the software technology BlueByte Software deploys, and to appreciate the benefits generated by the software.

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Standard multi-property software installation

KALTSIS S.A.. group of hospitality companies, owing:


has chosen the multi-property software application Hotel Works by BlueByte Software, whose installation was absolutely successful.

Although, hotels should keep separate customer register and financial statement, Hotel Works Multi Hotel allow them to run under an integrated information system. Thus, every part of the hotel business has real time access to any necessary information (reservations, housekeeping, restaurants, coffee houses etc).

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BlueByte Software and FEMMINA Fashion Exhibition

BlueByte Software continues its participation in the fashion exhibiitons for the year of 2008. It was present in one of the major fashion exhibition of the Balkans, in FEMMINA, which took place at MEC Paianias, Greece (26 – 28 January). During the event, potential customers and businessmen who seek software solutions for their retail stores had the opportuntiy to be introduced at the most modern, sohisticated and specialised software for the fashion retail and wholesales business.

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