BlueByte Software, aiming to time saving, presented the Fashion Works, which covers only the needs of commercial clothing and footwear retail.

It also addresses to:

  • Groups of shops of different companies.
  • Companies with multiple branches.
  • Shops with multiple outlets and warehouses.

Fashion Works is an innovative program that offers the possibility of:

  • Association of supplier and supplier’s stock items.
  • Balance of quantities by color-size.
  • Pending orders and commitments for one shop or for all shops.
  • Free fields for classification of stock items.
  • Ability to design and add additional fields.
  • Set season discounts on all types of stock items and for each stock item separately.
  • Possibility of mass change of data, using all possible filters.
  • Usability of two barcode for each stock item (previous software’s or manufacturer’s barcode and Fashion Works’s barcode).
  • Physical inventory with wireless portable device with barcode reader.
  • Tax inventory.

Complete monitoring of customers:

  • Full data recording.
  • Client’s marketing by using plastic barcode cards for members and discounts.
  • Connection of client with a price range or a permanent discount without the use of complex pricelists.

Additional benefits:

  • Quick mode for simultaneously use of 2 barcode (primary and alternate).
  • Exchange stock items with one receipt (return – sale).
  • Select seller even for each stock item on the same receipt.
  • Multiple payment options simultaneously (multiple credit cards and / or cash).
  • Ability to import discount amount or percentage of each stock item or the entire sale.
  • Select frequent customer through barcode.
  • Quick Search of stock item in case of barcode’s absence.
  • Notify for blocked stock items.
  • Capability of stock item’s classification as good by the vendor for immediate order decision.
  • Connection with cash registers.

Use and control of orders:

  • Use of barcode.
  • Add quantities of stock items using ratios (sortimento).
  • Monitoring incomplete orders.
  • Easy transformation of one or more orders to purchase invoices.
  • Ability to display stock items of only one supplier in order’s data entry.
  • Commitments and orders to all attended stores.
  • Transformations of receipts.