Clothing – Shoe Industry

BlueByte Software, aiming to time saving, presented the Fashion Works, which covers only the needs of commercial clothing and footwear retail.

It also addresses to:

  • Groups of shops of different companies.
  • Companies with multiple branches.
  • Shops with multiple outlets and warehouses.

Fashion Works is an innovative program that offers the possibility of:

  • Association of supplier and supplier’s stock items.
  • Balance of quantities by color-size.
  • Pending orders and commitments for one shop or for all shops.
  • Free fields for classification of stock items.
  • Ability to design and add additional fields.
  • Set season discounts on all types of stock items and for each stock item separately.
  • Possibility of mass change of data, using all possible filters.
  • Usability of two barcode for each stock item (previous software’s or manufacturer’s barcode and Fashion Works’s barcode).
  • Physical inventory with wireless portable device with barcode reader.
  • Tax inventory.

Complete monitoring of customers:

  • Full data recording.
  • Client’s marketing by using plastic barcode cards for members and discounts.
  • Connection of client with a price range or a permanent discount without the use of complex pricelists.

Additional benefits:

  • Quick mode for simultaneously use of 2 barcode (primary and alternate).
  • Exchange stock items with one receipt (return – sale).
  • Select seller even for each stock item on the same receipt.
  • Multiple payment options simultaneously (multiple credit cards and / or cash).
  • Ability to import discount amount or percentage of each stock item or the entire sale.
  • Select frequent customer through barcode.
  • Quick Search of stock item in case of barcode’s absence.
  • Notify for blocked stock items.
  • Capability of stock item’s classification as good by the vendor for immediate order decision.
  • Connection with cash registers.

Use and control of orders:

  • Use of barcode.
  • Add quantities of stock items using ratios (sortimento).
  • Monitoring incomplete orders.
  • Easy transformation of one or more orders to purchase invoices.
  • Ability to display stock items of only one supplier in order’s data entry.
  • Commitments and orders to all attended stores.
  • Transformations of receipts.
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BlueByte in Crete Expo 2007 Exhibition

BlueByte participates in Crete Expo (Heraklion, 30 Nov – 3 Dec). The exhibition hosts professionals from the business sector of tourism and hotel.

The presence of BlueByte was at two kiosks and it demostrated the most comprehensive and integrated software for hotels and beverage activities: Hotel Works and Food & Beverage Works.

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