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With years of experience and a team of well-trained and skilled executives, BlueByte Software is the company that can provide you with reliable software, constantly upgrading to the latest technologies and the technical support that your business needs.

Insurance companies
Hospitality companies
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Insurance Works

The software that the majority of insurance companies trust in Greece and Cyprus to meet their needs and ensure their functionality.

Automate your business processes with the following features:

Comparative pricing, pay and print

Combine BlueByte Software’s powerful back-office with its brand new web platform, linking to all insurance companies. It cooperates with the DIAS Interbank System. Automate your transactions with insurers and associates.

Trusted and Reliable Applications

With a clientele of almost all major Greek insurance enterprises, BlueByte Software offers the completely tested application and enhances the level of organization of an Insuranc enterpsise’s internal processes.

Data exchange with all Insurance Companies

The unique customization for each insurance company, ensures the functionality of this important process and makes it both an indispensable tool and an investment for your insurance business.

Full accounting infrastructure

All the accounting and financial information in your hands easily and quickly. BlueByte Software is the only insurance software house with both its own accounting software, and data exchange with third-party accounting software.

Hotel Works

Hotel Works is an all-in-one hotel and accommodation management software that can be the core of your tourist business and can unify its operations, covering all your needs.

Ensure your hotel operates properly with the following features:

All departments in one application

Get the full control of your business through a single application. Points of sale (restaurants, bar, spa, mini market), stock management, accounting management in one shared database with your hotel software.

Connect with online booking systems

Save valuable time and avoid mistakes by automatically importing online bookings from all your sales channels and website, and eliminate the possibility of overbooking with immediate availability update.

Centralized management of multiple hotels

Many hotels – accommodations in one unified database. Manage your bookings from one centralised reservation system and export your total statistics. Ideal solution for chains and hotel management companies.

Ease of use, user friendly environment

Hotel Works is designed with central focus on the user’s experience and the speed required in the day-to-day procedures of the hotel. The user friendly environment guides the less experienced users.

Food & Beverage Works

Food & Beverage Works is a powerful software for business management in the catering industry. It is a unique single tool for the absolute control of sales and purchases.

Cover all your business needs with the following benefits:

Reliable wireless ordering

BlueByte Software’s new wireless Android ordering application incorporates all new available mobile technologies to provide users with easy, fast and efficient order and payment management.

All features in one software

Manage all points of sales (tables, take away, delivery) through a single software. With the possibility of different price lists, offers, and many statistical reports for the performance of each point.

Multiple Point of Sales – Chain stores

Ability to manage multiple points of sale, even distributed to remote geographic locations that manage different groups of items, all consolidated into one database. Ideal for store chains.

Stock and suppliers management

Get the absolute control of your stock and inventory, along with your suppliers’ finances. Cost the products and recipes and target the maximum profitability of your business while analyzing sales.